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Officer Profile


Russell Lefevre, Ph.D.
2008 President

Russell Lefevre is a Life Fellow of the IEEE, with over 30 years of experience as a radar system engineer. He received his B.S. and M.S. in Physics from the University of North Dakota, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

At Hughes Aircraft Company, he was the lead engineer for the first Navy airborne multi-mode radar. At Technology Service Corporation, his activities included identifying advanced technologies, performing R&D on promising new
applications, developing business opportunities and strategies, and organizing proposal activities. He was largely responsible for receiving over 80 Small Business Innovations Research awards.

During 2001, Dr. Lefevre was an IEEE-USA Congressional Fellow serving as Science Advisor to Senator Jay Rockefeller. He was the Senate Staff person responsible for organizing the activity leading to the National Science Foundation Math and Science Partnership program to make a significant improvement in K-12 education. Dr. Lefevre was personally responsible for inclusion of the Noyce Scholarships that provide scholarships for college students who major in a technical field and commit to teaching two years for each year of support in a Title 1 K-12 school.

IEEE Activities - (M'63-M'68-SM'86-LS'01-LF'04)

OFFICES: IEEE-USA President-Elect, 2007; IEEE-USA Vice President Technology Policy, 2004-2006; IEEE-USA Board of Directors, 2004-Present.

COMMITTEES/BOARDS: TAB Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) 2003-05; TAB SPC Governance Subcommittee 2004-05; TAB SPC Membership Subcommittee 2003-05; TAB/PSPB Publications and Services Committee, 2005-Present; TAB Management Committee 2004; TAB Conferences Committee 2002, 2006; TAB/PSPB Conference Publications Committee 1998-Present; Chair 2005-Present; IEEE Nanotechnology Working Group 1999-01; TAB New Technology Directions Committee 2005-Present, Co-Chair Biometrics Working Group 2005-Present; IEEE-USA Liaison to TAB 2006; IEEE-USA R&D Policy Committee, Member, 1996-03 Vice Chair 2003; IEEE-USA Committee on Transportation and Aerospace Policy, Member 2000-2003, Vice Chair, 2003; IEEE-USA Government Fellows Committee 2003-Present, Chair 2005.

SOCIETIES: Aerospace and Electronic Systems (AESS) Society: President, 2002-03; AESS Board of Governors, 1996-06; AESS VP Conferences 1997-99; Executive VP 2000-01; IEEE Press Liaison-1999-04; Future Strategy Committee 1996-Present; AESS International Radar Systems Panel 1983-Present; Member GRS, LEOS, COMSOC and Computer Society.

CONFERENCES: RADAR 90 and 95 Technical Program Chair; RADAR 85, 2000, and 2005 Member Organizing Committee; RadarCon Technical Committee 1985-04; Aerospace Conference Technical Committee, 1997, 1999.

REPRESENTATIVE: IEEE-USA Representative to Committee on National Security Research, 2003-04; IEEE-USA Representative to Council on Competitiveness, 2004-Present.

AWARDS: IEEE-USA Congressional Fellow 2001, Third Millennium Medal 2000; IEEE Los Angeles Council Small Business of the Year Award 1985.

Lefevre (left) presents an award to Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) during
2006 Science, Engineering & Technology Congressional Visits Day

You can contact the IEEE-USA President-Elect by email to

Updated: 06 March 2007
Contact: Chris Brantley,


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