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Welcome to the PACE Network!

Being technically proficient is only part of what it takes to become successful in the ever-changing global economy.  More and more companies are beginning to recognize the added benefits of improving their workers' professional development skills and are opting to provide increased training for it.  IEEE-USA is also aware of this increased need and is working to provide seed funding for professional activities in addition to increasing awareness of existing programs such as Professional Development Seminars.

PACE (Professional Activities Committees for Engineers) is a grassroots network of IEEE volunteers and committees organized at the section and chapter level in the United States with support from their respective regions and IEEE-USA. The goal of the PACE Network is to promote the professional interests of IEEE's U.S. members as well as provide a mechanism for communication of members' views on their professional needs.  IEEE-USA's success is attributed largely in part to all the hard work out forth by volunteers from the PACE Network.  In return, the IEEE-USA National PACE Committee is working to better serve your interests with more programs, better communication, and more opportunities for professional development.


2014 PACE Network Calendar

(click on links for more information on each event)

  26 - 27 April 2014
  15 - 18 May 2014


If you would like to highlight your professional activity on the calendar,  please send the information to David Iams at


Updated: 20 May 2014

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