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The IEEE-USA Vice President for Professional Activities, represents PACE on the IEEE-USA Board of Directors and is responsible for overall coordination of the PACE Network and program activities.

The PACE Committee is responsible for promoting professional activities within the IEEE sections, student branches in Regions 1-6 and at the regional and divisional level. The six Regional PACE Coordinators and the Chapters PACE Coordinator work with their PACE Program Coordinators and Section PACE Chairs to organize PACE programs and encourage professional activities in their sections and chapters.

Organization and Roster

The PACE Committee is made up of the Region 1-6 PACE Coordinators, who are appointed by the IEEE Region 1-6 Directors and the Chapters PACE Coordinator. The IEEE-USA Vice President, Professional Activities, serves as an ex-officio member. The chair of the committee is selected from among the current or past membership.

Chair Tom Coughlin
Region 1 Joe Cuker

Region 2 Emilio M. Salgueiro
Region 3 Theresa Brunasso
Region 4 Tarek Lahdhiri
Region 5 David J. Pierce
Region 6 Mostafa Mortezaie
Chapters PACE Coordinator Charles Rubenstein

Young Professional(GOLD Rep)

Joseph Pietrykowski
(to be confirmed)
VP (Ex-Officio) Tom Coughlin
Staff David Iams

For more information on the PACE Network and its activities, contact:

David Iams
2001 L Street, N.W, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036-4928
(Phone) 202-530-8374
(Fax) 202-785-0835

Updated: 12 February 2017

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