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2015 President-Elect Candidates

  • Peter Eckstein
  • Keith Grzelak

2015-2016 Member-at-Large Candidates

  • Scott Tamashiro
  • Gim Soon Wan

IEEE's Elections website.

IEEE-USA Candidates Forum.

Candidates for IEEE-USA office must be IEEE Senior Members residing in the United States.

Candidates are reminded to refer to IEEE Policy 14.1.I with respect to IEEE mailing lists/labels and how they may be used for electioneering purposes.

IEEE-USA takes no position regarding the views and opinions expressed by candidates through the IEEE-USA Elections page and makes no candidate endorsements or recommendations. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order for ease of reference only.

The IEEE Executive Committee has directed that IEEE staff may not assist candidates in developing or hosting campaign-related materials on the IEEE website. However, we are free to create hypertext links from an appropriate Elections Page to election-related materials on your own website as a service to the membership. Please contact David Iams, to obtain or update a link from the IEEE-USA Elections Page.


Updated: 02 June 2014
Contact: David Iams,


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