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2017 Call for IEEE-USA Board of Directors Nominations

The IEEE-USA Nominations and Appointments (N&A) Committee asks for your help identifying U.S. IEEE Regions 1-6 members who may be interested in, and well-qualified for, service in the following IEEE-USA board positions:
  • IEEE-USA President-Elect (2019)
  • IEEE-USA Secretary/Treasurer (2018)
  • IEEE-USA Vice President - Career & Member Services (2018)
  • IEEE-USA Vice President Communications & Public Awareness (2018)
  • IEEE-USA Vice President - Professional Activities (2018)
  • IEEE-USA Vice President Government Relations (2018)
  • IEEE-USA Young Professional Representative (2018)

The Board positions are for leaders who provide IEEE-USA with vision and direction, oversee our volunteer committees, monitor financial performance and promote new activities. All nominees must be from U.S. IEEE Regions 1-6.

All positions except for IEEE-USA Young Professional Representative require senior member status..

The IEEE-USA Board of Directors will select our new Board members from the nominees in November, with the exception of IEEE-USA President-Elect. Here, the IEEE-USA Board will select at least two individuals to become President-Elect candidates for the IEEE election held in 2018. The winner of this election will become the IEEE-USA President-Elect in 2019, and then serve as IEEE-USA President in 2020.

We also ask that you submit names for consideration to serve on the IEEE-USA N&A Committee (2018-2019). Eligible nominees include former IEEE-USA Vice Presidents, IEEE-USA Secretary-Treasurers, U.S. Region Directors who have completed their terms or who are serving in their second year of that term, or members who have had experience as an IEEE-USA Committee Chair.

To nominate candidates, please go to:, or contact for more information. Self-nominations must be submitted no later than 1 May 2017 and third-party nominations no later than 15 May 2017 to be considered for the positions listed above.

Updated: 08 March 2017
Contact: Diana Librizzi,


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