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The IEEE-USA Nominations and Appointments (N&A) Committee asks for your help in identifying U.S. IEEE members who may be interested in, and well-qualified for, service on the IEEE-USA Board of Directors and/or IEEE-USA committees:
  • IEEE-USA President-Elect (2019)
  • IEEE-USA Secretary/Treasurer (2018)
  • IEEE-USA Vice President - Career & Member Services (2018)
  • IEEE-USA Vice President - Communications & Public Awareness (2018)
  • IEEE-USA Vice President - Professional Activities (2018)
  • IEEE-USA Vice President - Government Relations (2018)
  • IEEE-USA Young Professional Representative (2018)
  • IEEE-USA N&A Committee Member (2018-2019)
Learn more about the eligibility requirements

Nominate yourself or a colleague

IEEE-USA Volunteer Who's Who
IEEE-USA Officer profiles:

A listing of all IEEE-USA's volunteer leaders and their positions.

These organizational charts (PDF) illustrate IEEE-USA's volunteer, committee and staff structures.

IEEE-USA Board of Directors
IEEE-USA's Board of Directors is scheduled to meet on the following dates/locations:
10 Feb. 2017 New Orleans, LA
Board TBD (May 2017) Webex/Telecom
Board 23 June 2017 New Brunswick, NJ
Board TBD (Oct. 2017) Webex/Telecom
17 Nov. 2017 Phoenix, AZ


12 Feb. 2016 San Diego, CA
Board 19 May 2016 Webex/Telecom
Board 17 June 2016 New Brunswick, NJ
Board 18 Oct 2016 Webex/Telecom
18 Nov. 2016 New Brunswick, NJ

Summaries of 2016 IEEE-USA Board and Operating Committee meetings.

IEEE-USA Board of Directors Portraits:

IEEE-USA Councils and Committees
An online directory of IEEE-USA's Councils, Committees, Networks, Task Forces, and other volunteer entities with links to their web pages.
An organizational chart and facebook of key IEEE-USA staff and how to contact them. Learn more about IEEE-USA's Principal Staff, our qualifications and backgrounds by reading our Staff Profiles.
IEEE-USA Event Calendar
Check IEEE-USA's Event Calendar for information on forthcoming meetings and events. 
IEEE U.S. Regions

Quick links to the web pages of the six IEEE U.S. regions:



How to Volunteer
Interested in volunteering your time and energy to activities that promote the profession and/or advance the mission of IEEE-USA?  Then check out this page of tips and contact information, which will help you get started.
Visiting the Washington, DC Office
This page will help you prepare for your visit to IEEE-USA's offices, which are located at 2001 L Street, N.W. in Washington, D.C.
Documents and Forms

An archive of key IEEE strategic planning and governance documents for reference by IEEE-USA volunteer leaders and interested members:

Governance Documents


Updated: 24 February 2017
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