Host a SPAx event in your student chapter today

Step 1: Let us know what you want to do!

If you are just starting out, or if you know what you want to do already, please fill out the short form below and a SPAx Coordinator will respond within a few days of submitting your request.

SPAx Contact Form

Tips for running your first SPAx

  • Don't do it alone; Get interested officers to join in on the effort if possible
  • An event can generate alot of work; Keep the events relatively simple
  • Ask your SPAx coordinator about what other chapters in your area is doing; It may be worthwhile to visit an SPAx event before planning one!

Step 2: Organize and Submit preliminary event proposal

Once you're ready to proceed, complete the preliminary event proposal that was sent to you by your coordinator. Once submitted, your coordinator will be notified, and will review the proposal and work with you to get your event approved.


  • Consider an SPAx as a startup; Figuring out the needs of your audience is crucial to success
  • Is there a particular focus area that the students are not getting at your school? For instance, a career development focused SPAx will not have as much of an impact if your campus hosts annual resume workshops and mock interview workshops.
  • Take into account availability; Are the students likely to attend your event if it's a full day? Would students attend if it's a weekend?
  • It is a good idea at this point to start networking to local companies to see if they would be willing to host or attend your event.

Step 3: Receive your IEEE support package

Once your preliminary event proposal is approved, you may request support for your event. In regions 1 to 6, you may either select a keynote IEEE-USA national speaker to attend your event, or up to $200 in matching funding. In regions 7 to 10, you may request up to $500 in funding. Work with your coordinator to find out what will work best for your SPAx.

See the full list of speakers


  • Be sure to reach out to a few speakers when looking, since the speakers may be unavailable at the time of your event
  • IEEE-USA funding may not cover all of your event costs; It is important to also ask for sponsorship from local companies, alumni, and your local IEEE section. This is when your SPAx coordinator may be able to assist!

Step 4: Post event report

After your event is completed, all chapters must submit a Post-event report to receive credit for your SPAx. It should detail your final program, as well as your feedback about the event and the planning process. The results will be used as a reference for future events.


  • Remember that iterative improvement is key to running a successful SPAx!


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