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Student Career Development Activities

So, how do you prepare for today's competitive engineering world?  IEEE has the answer for Student Branches:  Student Career Development Activities — they're easy, fun, and you'll even learn something.


Student Professional Awareness Conferences
Student Professional Awareness Conferences
(S-PACs) are structured events organized by student branches where students listen to experienced engineers from diverse backgrounds and discuss topics from the eight critical professional development categories. S-PACs normally involve presentation(s) and panel sessions. The keynote speaker from the S-PAC national speaker database is funded by the IEEE-USA Student Professional Awareness Committee.




Student Professional Awareness Ventures
Student Professional Awareness Ventures (S-PAVes) are hands-on, team-oriented activities focused on giving practical, real world engineering experience. S-PAVes are organized by IEEE Student Branches over the course of a semester and fall into one or more of the eight pre-defined professional awareness topic categories.

Last Update: 27 June 2014
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