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Awards & Recognition


Harry Diamond Memorial Award


To honor individuals for distinguished technical contributions in the field of electrotechnology while in U.S. government service.

Form of Recognition

Engraved plaque.


One per year. If no suitable candidate is proposed in a given year, the award will not be presented for that year.


Members of government bodies, laboratories and technical organizations in the United States.

No current member of the IEEE Board of Directors, the IEEE-USA Board of Directors, the IEEE-USA Awards and Recognition Committee, or IEEE staff may be candidates, or nominate or endorse candidates for this award.


Proposals for nominations of candidates for this award shall be via the online nomination portal below:

Nominations are solicited through the IEEE-USA website and via publication of suitable notices in IEEE publications, and Section and Society newsletters. In addition, a press release shall be made available to appropriate U.S. government laboratories and technical organizations.

Members of the IEEE-USA Board of Directors, the IEEE-USA Awards & Recognition Committee, and IEEE Staff are not permitted to nominate or endorse a candidate for an IEEE-USA award.

Basis for Judging

Selection shall be based on outstanding technical contributions in electrotechnology while serving in a U.S. government agency.


The IEEE-USA Awards and Recognition Committee shall evaluate all proposals and shall select the proposal which, in their judgment, is best and second best as alternate, and recommend the proposed candidate to the IEEE-USA Board of Directors for approval.


Presentation of the award shall normally be made by the President, IEEE-USA or designee preferably at a major IEEE-USA Conference, such as the PACE Workshop, or a major IEEE Conference or appropriate public affair. However, the recipient shall be given a choice of location for the presentation.


The Citation should be proposed by the person originating the nomination. It will be reviewed and modified as appropriate by the IEEE-USA Awards and Recognition Committee.


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