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Public Policy Newsbytes -  2014 Archive

Cordova Confirmed as NSF Director
On 12 March, the Senate confirmed astrophysicist and former Purdue University President France Cordova as the next Director of the National Science Foundation. More

Federal R&D Budget Request For FY2015
On 4 March, the White House announced a $135.4B  request (a 1.2% increase) for federal R&D in FY2015.  More

The Innovation Deficit
New video emphasizes importance of federal investments in S&T research and education  More

Congressional Visits Day will be held 25-26 March in Washington. Sign Up by 14 March to Participate.  More

IEEE-USA Files Amicus Brief With Supreme Court in CLS v. Alice Explaining Why Computer-Implemented Inventions Should Be Patentable.  More

Statement Submitted to Senate Hearing Emphasizes Importance of Participation by Gov't Scientists and Engineers in Professional Conferences. More

IEEE Raises Concerns Regarding Potential Impacts of Plans to Move Air Force Office of Scientific Research. More

2013 Newsbytes - Archive

Updated:  14 March 2014
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