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Coalition Urges Continuation of ARPA-E

IEEE-USA has joined a coalition of science and engineering organizations, corporations and universities in urging Congress to continue support for the DOE's ARPA-E program, which has been targeted for termination by the White House.


Call to Action

Petition President Trump to stop the federal government from using H-1B visas to outsource government jobs.



IEEE-USA Calls on White House to End
H-1B Pay Loophole

1998 Immigration Act provisions on wage disparity allow companies to displace American workers with H-1Bs at lower than median wages.



A Look at S&T Issues in the 115th Congress

Annual report by CRS highlights S&T issues in the spotlight for Congress's 2017-2017 session.


IEEE-USA Warns Lack of Presidential Action on H-1B Visas Will Cost U.S. Jobs

At least 50,000 tech jobs at stake according to IEEE-USA
 President Pedersen.

IEEE-USA Commends NASA Reauthorization Bill

Expects bill will boost  science and technology needed for Mars Mission


Bills Passed To Advance Women in STEM Fields

On 28 Feb., President Trump signed into law two bipartisan bills with a particular focus on the entry of women into STEM field. More   


Progress Made Reforming Research Regulations

Tucked into the 21st Century Cures Act and the American Innovation and Competitiveness Act were provisions that should change how the federal government monitors research.
Spectrum Commentary: The H-1B Visa Problem as IEEE-USA Sees It

Letter by IEEE-USA's  Presidents highlight misuses of the H-1B visa.


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