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House Unanimously Passes Email Privacy Bill
Legislation would require police to
o obtain a warrant before demanding content from an email provider. More
IoTS Legislative Advances
On 27 April, Senate Commerce Com. approved a substitute version of The Developing Innovation and Growing the Internet of Things (DIGIT) Act (S2607), which now moves to the full Senate for consideration.   More
Hearing Explores Status of Fusion Energy Research
The 20 April hearing examined progress in the area of fusion energy sciences and the status of ITER.
President Outlines National Cybersecurity Action Plan
Proposals include $19B (35 percent increase) in FY2017 federal spending on cybersecurity. More
New Statement  Addresses  Unmanned Aircraft Systems
IEEE-USA position makes recommendations to address UAS-related risks and issues. More

Leaving the Backdoor Open
IEEE-CCP Whitepaper addresses risks associated with government policies that weaken cybersecurity of products and services sold on the commercial market.  More


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