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Apply Now for IEEE-USA Government Fellowships
23 Dec. deadline to apply for Fellowships in Congress, State Dept. and USAID. 
IEEE-USA Joins Innovation Coalition in Urging Congress to Complete Work on FY 2017 STEM Appropriations.   More
IEEE-USA Opposes Issa
H-1B Reform Bill

Asserts withdrawn bill failed to address displacement of U.S. workers.  More


WISE Seeks IEEE U.S. Student Members for 2017 Internships
31 Dec. is the deadline to apply for the Summer program that connects engineering students with public policy.

IEEE’s WISE Interns Complete Summer 2016 Program.  Research on licensing drones, safety of UAVs, and cyber-security of implantable medical devices appears in WISE Journal of Engineering and Public Policy   More Newest IEEE-USA Positions Address STEM Education, Reverse Engineering and Federal Support for Fundamental Research.    More


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WISE Program
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IEEE-USA Government Fellowships

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