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Meet the WISE Interns
IEEE Student Members will spend their summer in DC exploring the intersection of technology and policy. 
IEEE-USA Commends Congress for Passage of Energy Efficiency Act  - Bipartisan bill focuses on improving energy efficiency in buildings, and exempts electric resistance water heaters used for demand response from upcoming energy standards.  More IEEE-USA Challenges Proposals for Large H-1B Visa Increases
Instead supports expanded use of green cards to recruit and retain skilled STEM workers educated in U.S. institutions. More
The Federal Gov't Is Spending A Lot of Money Trying Not To Spend Money on Travel - Washington Post story highlights consequence of federal travel policies affecting S&T conference participation.  More Leaving the Backdoor Open
IEEE-CCP Whitepaper addresses risks associated with government policies that weaken cybersecurity of products and services sold on the commercial market.  More


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