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Access to the IEEE-USA Assembly and IEEE-USA Board of Directors meeting agendas is for sitting members of the IEEE-USA Board of Directors and Board support staff.  Additional access to the IEEE-USA Board E-Agenda is provided to IEEE Board members on request and to the Region 1-6 Directors-Elect, select Board committee chairs, and select Board liaisons specified by the IEEE-USA President.

The Board's current E-Aagendas and agenda archive are accessible on-line through the IEEE-USA Board of Director's Resource Page, which is password projected  A public version of the current meeting agenda is available for access at this location during each IEEE-USA Board/OpCom/Assembly meeting.  Contact Chris Brantley with any questions regarding agenda access.

Meeting Summaries of the IEEE-USA Assembly, IEEE-USA Board of Directors, and IEEE-USA Operating Committee are available here for public review.

Updated: 21 June 2017
Contact: Chris Brantley,


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