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2017 News Releases & Media Alerts

2017 News Releases
The following news releases and media advisories are issued periodically by IEEE-USA. Reporters and editors looking for more details, or who are researching a story, can contact Chris McManes.  RSS feed
Media Relations Contact
Chris McManes
IEEE-USA Public Relations Manager

+1 202 530 8356

Date News Release
10 March IEEE-USA Commends Congress for Passing NASA Bill Facilitating Journey to Mars
10 March Lack of Presidential Action on H-1B Visas Will Cost Americans Jobs
1 March Free March E-Book Explores Inspiring & Closing the Engineering Gender Gap
1 Feb. Award-Winning Free February E-Book Offers Tips for Staying Sharp on the Job
6 Jan. IEEE-USA: H-1B Outsourcing Bill Will Not End Outsourcing


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Last Update: 10 March 2017
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