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News Release

IEEE Green Technologies Conference Seeks Papers on Renewable Energy Sources & Energy-Reduction Technologies

WASHINGTON (25 October 2016) -- IEEE Green Technologies Conference (GreenTech 2017) organizers seek technical papers on current and emerging renewable energy sources and energy-reduction technologies.

Accepted papers will be presented during the ninth-annual event at the Denver Marriott Tech Center, 30-31 March.

Papers, particularly in the following areas, are solicited:

* Energy Transmission, Distribution & Efficiency -- Smart- & micro-grids, usage-based distribution, e.g. offices & homes; novel energy-efficient devices, systems & operations; life-cycle efficiency & optimizations, e.g. buildings, transportation, logistics (supply chain), products & services

* Energy Generation & Storage -- Renewable, low-to-zero emissions, e.g. biomass, wind, solar, fuel cells, ultra clean fuels, alternative fuels (thorium/nuclear); distributed, local/co- & poly-generation storage systems

* Management & Control -- Sensors, monitoring, control, security, fail-safe & ad-hoc networks/communications, frameworks & architectures, context-based management; process & systems simulation

* Policies: Environmental, Legal, Social, Economic & Political Impacts -- Emerging standards for renewable & reduced carbon emission energy sources & safety; technologies for developed & underdeveloped countries


* Papers due by 5 December 2016
* Acceptance/declination notices by 15 January 2017


All papers (eight pages maximum) must be submitted through Guidelines are available at

Papers must describe original work not previously published or currently under review for publication in another conference or journal.

For more on the call for papers, go to


GreenTech 2017 is designed to address the challenge of securing clean, green energy sourcesfor the 21st century to protect the environment and help build a more resilient power grid. This will require the cooperative effort from many disciplines of engineering, science, architecture and policy, as well as among utilities, vendors, regulators and academics. The electrical energy industry is modernizing through Smart Grid efforts. Initiatives begun today will affect how the grid will operate for years to come.

GreenTech 2017 is sponsored by IEEE Region 5, the IEEE Denver Section, the IEEE Power & Energy Society, IEEE Industry Applications Society and IEEE-USA. To become an exhibitor, go to If you’re interested in being a patron, see

To register:

For questions, please contact:

* Marcelo Godoy Simoes, technical program chair:
* Mohammad Babakmehr, publications chair:
* Kaitlyn Bunker, chair for special sessions, tutorials & workshops:
* Murali Baggu, IEEE GreenTech and Region 5 conference general chair:

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Contact: Chris McManes
IEEE-USA Public Relations Manager






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