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News Release

Bill Ritter, former Colorado Governor & New Energy Economy Founder, to Speak at IEEE Green Technologies Conference in Early April

WASHINGTON (5 February 2013) — Former Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter will deliver a keynote address during the fifth-annual IEEE Green Technologies Conference (GreenTech 2013) in Denver.

Ritter became founding director of the privately funded Center for the New Energy Economy at Colorado State University soon after leaving office in January 2011. The center works with governors, policymakers, planners and other decision makers to facilitate a state’s transition to a clean-energy economy.

“Just as the industrial revolution created the jobs of the 20th century,” Ritter says on the New Energy Economy homepage (, “we must now usher in a new century of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial vigor.” 

GreenTech 2013 ( will bring together engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs to discuss emerging technologies in alternative fuel, renewable energy, alternative vehicle power sources and energy conservation. It will feature peer-reviewed papers and posters in eight major areas:

* Efficiency

* Energy Generation

* Green IT/Communications

* Market Cost

* Power Systems

* Smart Grid

* Solar & Photovoltaic

* Transportation

* Wind

The Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center is hosting GreenTech 2013 on 4-5 April. The special discounted registration closes this Saturday, 9 February. For a quick overview of the conference abstracts, panels, keynote speakers and tutorials, see

On 3 April, GreenTech attendees will have the opportunity to visit the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s National Wind Technology Center in nearby Louisville, Colo. Research conducted here helps industry reduce the cost of energy to more favorably compete with traditional energy sources and provide the nation a clean, renewable source of energy. In 2010, wind power accounted for 6.6 percent of electricity generated in Colorado.

For an article on the GreenTech 2012, see

GreenTech 2013 is sponsored by IEEE Region 5, the Denver Section and IEEE-USA. To become a patron or exhibitor, see

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