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IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference Issues Call for Papers

WASHINGTON (11 March 2011) — IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference organizers are seeking technical and non-technical papers on topics related to the role technology can play in improving lives and creating business opportunities for people in emerging nations.

Accepted papers will be presented during the inaugural conference, 30 October — 1 November 2011, at the Renaissance Seattle Hotel. They will also be published in conference proceedings and available through the digital library IEEE Xplore. The abstract deadline has been extended to 30 March.

"We're looking for all types of papers," conference chair Paul Kostek said. "In addition to technical ones, we'd like to hear from people who have experience running humanitarian projects. We're interested in what kind of challenges they faced and how they overcame them."

Contributed papers, particularly in the following areas, are solicited:
* Health, Medical Technology and Telemedicine
* Disaster Warning & Response
* Water Planning, Availability & Quality
* Power for Off-Grid Users
* Power Infrastructure, Renewable & Sustainable Energy
* Connectivity & Communications Technologies (data/voice) for Remote Locations
* Educational Technologies
* Agricultural Technologies
* Humanitarian Challenges & Opportunities


For information on submitting a paper, go to Submissions must describe original work not previously published or currently under review for publication in another conference or journal. Instructions can be found at  
( The paper template is accessible at

GHTC 2011 is designed to gather scientists, engineers, technology professionals, academics, foundations, government and non-government organizations, as well as individuals engaged in humanitarian work to discuss and develop solutions for present and future humanitarian needs. An international conference, participants are expected from all over the world. For more information, see  

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