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2016 News Releases & Media Alerts

2016 News Releases
The following news releases and media advisories are issued periodically by IEEE-USA. Reporters and editors looking for more details, or who are researching a story, can contact Chris McManes.  RSS feed
Media Relations Contact
Chris McManes
IEEE-USA Public Relations Manager

+1 202 530 8356

Date News Release
2 May Free E-Book to Members Features Launching a Start-Up
29 April Threats from Cloned & Counterfeit Devices to be Highlighted at IEEE Homeland Security Symposium in Boston Area 10-12 May
21 April IEEE-USA Disaster Relief Vehicle Featured at Cary, N.C., Event This Saturday
5 April IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference Seeks Paper & Poster Abstracts by 18 April
4 April IEEE-USA’s Free April E-Book Brings the Excitement of Engineering, Science, Technology, Invention & Creativity into the Classroom
30 March On H-1B, Administration Allergic to Common Sense
9 March Communications & Power Disaster Relief Vehicle to Debut in Norfolk on Saturday 2 April
1 March IEEE-USA’s Free March E-Book Shares Personal Career Journey of an IEEE Life Fellow
17 Feb. Alabama School Wins Grand Prize & IEEE-USA Best Communications System Award at Future City Competition National Finals
11 Feb. IEEE-USA & American Red Cross to Provide Temporary Power During Natural Disasters
1 Feb. IEEE-USA’s Free E-Book to Members in February Gives Guidance to Entrepreneurs on Pricing Strategies
15 Jan. 2016 IEEE Photovoltaics Specialists Conference Abstracts Due 22 January


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Last Update: 4 April 2016
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