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2015 Listings
Here's a list of IEEE-USA citations in online, print, radio and television news stories. In some cases, the text of an article has been reprinted. Due to the nature of the Internet, some of the links may have expired or require a password.
Media Relations Contact
Chris McManes
IEEE-USA Public Relations Manager

+1 202 530 8356
Kartik Kulkarni Honored as New Face of Engineering
India West

25 April 2015
My View: I-Squared Act is Job-Exporting Machine
Deseret News

16 March 2015
IEEE-USA Launches New Digital Brand for U.S. IEEE Membership

24 February 2015
U.S. to Allow Some H-1B Worker Spouses to Work

24 February 2015
So Cal Edison's Path to the Center of the H-1B Debate

12 February 2015
New H-1B Bill Will 'Help Destroy' U.S. Tech Workforce

14 January 2015


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