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IEEE-USA In Action

[Posted: 09 July 2008]

IEEE-USA Today's Engineer Digest Wins
2008 APEX Award of Excellence

WASHINGTON (09 July 2008) IEEE-USA Today's Engineer Digest, our print periodical mailed directly to U.S. IEEE members in March and October, has won a 2008 APEX Award of Excellence for Most Improved Magapapers & Newspapers for its March 2007 issue, which debuted our new publication design for the print digest.

APEX Awards ( recognize excellence in publications work by professional communicators, and are based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content and the ability to achieve overall communications excellence. Out of approximately 4,500 entries overall, and 139 entries in the Magapapers and Newspapers category, only six Awards of Excellence were awarded for Most Improved Magapapers & Newspapers. Entries included for-profit and nonprofit organizations.


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