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Engineers Week 2017 (19-25 February)

Engineers dream, create, test and build the things that make our life easier, safer and more enjoyable. In 2017, engineers are being celebrated in a new giant screen and IMAX movie, Dream Big: Engineering Wonders of the World. The movie, which IEEE supports and contributed to, will make its world premiere on Friday 17 February. It is being produced by 2017 EWeek co-chairs ASCE and Bechtel. Science centers and museums around the country, Canada and Mexico will be showing the movie.

IEEE-USA President Karen Pedersen encourages you to make EWeek a success in your hometown. You can join other engineers in celebrating the profession, organize an engineering-themed event in your community or visit a local school, library or out-of-school club to inspire children to become the world's future engineers.

Engineers Week 2014

IEEE-USA served as lead engineering society for EWeek 2014 and partnered with DuPont, one of the world's leading science and technology companies. A host of nationwide activities were launched to celebrate the creative problem-solving role engineers play in making the world the better place. Here's a story about our leadership role that year: EWeek 2014 Highlights Depth, Breadth and Diversity of the Profession

On 15 November 2013, IEEE-USA President-elect Gary Blank participated in an EWeek kickoff Webcast from the University of Delaware. You can listen to what Blank and other engineering leaders like DuPont's Karen Fletcher had to say about the state of the profession and the importance of EWeek here.

Popular EWeek Activities

Future City Competition™

Volunteer to help sixth- to eighth-graders participating in the Future City Competition™. Engineers are always needed to mentor a team in your area or serve as regional competition judges. Your organization can also sponsor a prize. Regional-winning teams win a trip to the Future City National Finals during EWeek in Washington, D.C. IEEE-USA played a leadership role in establishing Future City when it first served as lead society in 1993. Today, we sponsor the national third-place prize and the IEEE-USA Most Advanced Smart Grid Award.

Future City teams from Florida, Michigan, Nebraska and North Carolina joined President Obama and White House Science & Technology Advisor John Holdren in a White House press event on 17 February 2010 where the middle-schoolers had the chance to ask questions of NASA Space Station astronauts. See video and details here.


Discover Engineering Family Day

More than 9,000 children, parents and teachers come to the National Buildign Museum Museum in Washington, D.C., for Discover Engineering Family Day. The 2017 festival is 18 February. Family Day includes a full day of hands-on activities and presentations designed to introduce youngsters to the excitement of engineering and the importance of technological literacy. Here's a story of the 2014 event.

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Girl Day is a year-long effort, culminating on the Thursday during EWeek, to identify volunteers who are mentors and role models for young women to build and sustain their interest in engineering careers. Girl Day 2018 is on 22 February.

Global Marathon

The Global Marathon For, By and About Women in Engineering and Technology is a three-day “conversation,” accomplished through live Internet video chats, Webcasts, teleconferences and pre-recorded sessions on issues of importance to women engineers and technologists. Women - and men - from across the globe participate in this popular annual activity. The marathon is held each March.


Video Highlights

DC Fox 5 News Features Discover Engineering Family Day 2013

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Last Updated:  11 January 2017