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IEEE Member Benefit: Free September IEEE-USA eBook

As a special benefit to IEEE members, IEEE-USA provides members with one complimentary eBook each month. Through 15 October, members can download at no charge A Living Resume - Vol. 2: Documenting your Writings, Awards and Honors. To download your free eBook, go to the IEEE-USA Shop, sign in with your IEEE web account, add the book to your cart and use promo code SEPTFREE16 at checkout. If you aren't an IEEE member yet, join now for this and other benefits!

IEEE-USA Launches New Flagship Publication: IEEE-USA InSight
IEEE-USA is pleased to announce the premiere of our new flagship publication, IEEE-USA InSight. Today's launch includes stories on the portrayal of engineering and technology in pop culture, STEM role models for girls and young women and why IEEE-USA President Jim Jefferies thinks this is a great time to be a U.S. IEEE member. more

Video: Fox 5 News Takes a Look at Discover Engineering Family Day
In this video, Fox 5 News reporter Holly Morris discusses the important contributions of African-American engineers with Sam Wilson, one of the planners for Discover Engineering Family Day. She also speaks with IEEE-USA's own Chris McManes about Smart Grid technologies, aided by his eldest daughter, Kasey.

New Promotional Video: ‘Putting the I in IEEE-USA’
IEEE-USA has been striving for more than 40 years to support the professional interests of U.S. IEEE members. How we do that is captured in a video, "Putting the I in IEEE-USA," where you will find the "I" in IEEE-USA is all about you. more

Follow IEEE-USA on Social Networking Sites
IEEE-USA has Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages to help U.S. IEEE members follow the organization's activities and stay apprised of news and events impacting their careers and the profession.

Communication Programs

IEEE-USA's communication programs strive to keep U.S. IEEE members and others informed of the organization's products, accomplishments and services, and to raise awareness of trends and issues affecting technology professionals' careers.

IEEE-USA communicates news and feature stories to IEEE members and the general public through its primary online publication IEEE-USA InSight and the monthly IEEE-USA InSight Email Update.

bullet Publications Profiles

Public Relations
IEEE-USA promotes its board-approved position statements through the media and coordinates interviews with IEEE-USA spokespeople. Its goal is to promote the interests of U.S. IEEE members, the profession and STEM careers and education. IEEE-USA volunteers and staff have been quoted in such publications as The New York Times, Computerworld, Design News, the Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post; and appeared on TV channels such as CNN, FOX 5 and CBS.

bullet News Releases
bullet IEEE-USA In the News

Public Awareness, Outreach
IEEE-USA communicates to the public how U.S. IEEE members and technical professionals are creative problem-solvers who improve our quality of life, as well as promote diversity and ethical behavior in the profession. Among the programs IEEE-USA participates in is the AAAS Science & Engineering Mass Media Fellows program, Engineers Week (EWeek) and the USA Science & Engineering Festival & Expo.

bullet Engineers Week
bullet USA Science & Engineering Festival & Expo
bullet AAAS Science & Engineering Mass Media Fellows
bullet IEEE-USA Award for Distinguished Literary Contributions Furthering the Public Understanding of Engineering


Georgia C. Stelluto,
Greg Hill,
Chris McManes,


Updated: 1 September 2015
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