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How to Create a Program that Increases Diversity in STEM Programming

Presenter: Sarah Clatterbuck, Director, Engineering, LinkedIn Corporation
Date: 29 June 2017


LinkedIn's vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce, so improving diversity in STEM fields is important to LinkedIn. LinkedIn has been working to develop new, innovative ways to make an impact on diversity in STEM, as the computer science industry is made up of only 25 percent women. Join this webinar to learn more about an innovate high school trainee program that LinkedIn has piloted twice (in 2015 and 2016) -- 100 percent of the girls who graduated from the program wanted to pursue careers in STEM fields. The trainee program gives underrepresented students the opportunity to join LinkedIn for eight weeks to work on real projects within the company. This presentation will focus on how LinkedIn set up the high school trainee program and how your company could, too; future improvements being made to the program; and the impact it's had on motivating these students to get their degree in a STEM field.

About the Presenter

Sarah Clatterbuck joined LinkedIn in 2012. She currently leads engineering for six groups in application infrastructure. Throughout her career, Sarah has worked on several high-traffic Web properties while progressing in leadership ranks. Prior to joining LinkedIn, she was an engineering manager at Yahoo!, where she led development for the Universal Header platform and user experience. Sarah also held previous roles at Packeteer, Apple, and two startups. She received her Masterís degree from San Jose State University School of Information, specializing in Information Architecture and Systems Design. In addition to her corporate role, she sits on the board of the Girl Scouts of Northern California.


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