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Job Seeker or Opportunity Magnet?

Presenter: Michael B. Junge, Talent Acquisition and Career Expert
Date: 14 June 2017
Time: 2-3 PM EDT


In this presentation you will learn:

  • Why most job seekers waste huge amounts of time and what you can do differently
  • Where top companies hunt for talent and what you can do to help catch their attention
  • Three simple job search strategies that consistently deliver exceptional results
  • What really distinguishes an opportunity magnet from a job seeker and how you can become one

About the Presenter

Michael B. Junge is a writer, coach, and entrepreneur who specializes in connecting exceptional people with world class career opportunities. He was previously an MVP and top performer in the recruiting organization at Google and currently heads talent acquisition at a top quantitative investment firm. Michael was a key startup team member and five-time Recruiter of the Year for a national staffing firm he helped grow from $0 to over $50 million in annual revenues. He has helped hundreds of people land positions with companies that include Google, Facebook, Disney, Warner Brothers, Nestle, AT&T, Boeing, Siemens, and dozens more.


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