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What are HR Professionals Looking for in a Resume?

Presenter: Nathalie H. Thompson
Date: 28 June 2017


Your resume is an advertisement for you. In the marketing world it would be a piece of “collateral.” Your resume needs to clearly communicate to the reader your product, features, benefits and supporting evidence.

Preparing and writing your résumé is a key step in preparing to interview. The process of writing a targeted, market-ready résumé ensures that you have identified:

  • Your desired position, companies and industries
  • The key knowledge, skills, abilities and experience required for your desired position
  • Key accomplishments—results and impacts you have made, actions you have taken and knowledge and abilities you have demonstrated

Being able to articulate your key accomplishments during an interview is critical to demonstrating your qualifications for a position.

Résumés get interviews, interviews get job offers.

About the Presenter

Nathalie H. Thompson is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), certified mentor mediator, and facilitator, specializing in leadership/team development, conflict prevention/resolution, and. Expertise in providing one-on-one leadership, conflict, team coaching and facilitating group dialogue to develop leadership competency, resolve conflicts and improve team performance.

Consulting Experience

Nathalie is the principle of a small, women owned management consulting organization working with a cadre of experienced consultants with advanced degrees and certifications in training, organizational development, conflict resolution/mediation, law, career development and executive/team coaching with experience at every organizational level in federal and state governmental agencies, non-profit, educational, and corporate entities.

Nathalie's coaching work includes providing leadership, team and conflict coaching in commercial and private sector settings. Her coaching work also includes Career Coaching for individuals experiencing a career transition. This coaching focuses on managing an effective job search - identifying career objectives, preparing resumes, interviewing skills, etc. As an external consultant Nathalie ran several outplacement centers for Right Management for employees in transition from large companies such as AOL.

Business/Organizational Leadership Experience

Nathalie draws on her in-depth knowledge and unique perspective of Human Resources, leadership/management development, and extensive experience in the telecommunications, hospitality and consulting industries. With her Human Resource background, Nathalie brings real-world experience of the corporate view of recruiting, hiring and developing leaders.

Education and Training

Nathalie holds a Master of Arts degree in Human Resource Development from MaryMount University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology/Criminal Justice from Michigan State University. She also holds a certificate in Applied Positive Psychology from the Flourishing Center.

In addition to her certification by the Society for Human Resource Development (SHRM) as Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR), Nathalie is an Associate Certified Career Coach (Career Coach Institute) and is a certified Professional Resume Writer and Interviewing Coach (Professional Association of Resume Writers).

She is also a Virginia Supreme Court Certified Mentor Mediator and mediates and provides mediator coaching in the Fairfax County, Virginia, court system.

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