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Webinar Series: Risk Management


Webinar 6

Risk-based Metrics for Software System Design, Development and Test

Speaker: Dr. Carolyn Turbyfill
When: 14 Dec. 2011, 1-2 PM ET

This webinar discusses discuses the role that software can play in fostering the risks of a physical system (unless the software-induced risks are mitigated). Physical systems that rely heavily of software functionality, control, or automation all require that specific categories of software-borne risks are lessened. However to accomplish this, a clearer understanding of the interplay between the physical and non-physical (software) components in a completed system and in a particular environment is warranted. The webinar also provides hints on how to sell and implement software risk mitigation at work.
IEEE Members $19 for individual webinar; $89 for series
Non-Members $38 for individual webinar; $189 for series

Recent events have highlighted the importance of risk based decision making. Modern systems are becoming more complex and the economic, safety and other consequences of a system failure more serious. Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) are challenging all organizations and all engineers. Ignoring risks because they are improbable and not worth analysis has proven to be highly risky in itself. Managing the risks of disruptive events is becoming a critical focus for business and society. For example, the need for security to mitigate electric reliability risks has been formalized as a regulatory requirement known as the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP).

This six-part webinar series focuses on risk-based problem-solving and decision-making, and the application of risk management standards and practices to public safety and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP).

The objective is to provide relevant and directly applicable information that technology and operational professionals can use in their jobs and to enhance their long term employability.

Risk management represents new work/career/job engineering opportunities:

  • Opportunities in security implementation and evaluation for key areas of the electric power industry
  • CIP, cyber security, cyber-physical systems, controls (SCADA), smart grid, etc.
  • Driven by U.S. statute and Federal regulations — work (jobs) won’t disappear
  • High barriers to entry — requires technical/engineering expertise
  • Won’t be outsourced:
    • Public safety, domestic security work
    • High tech, high touch
    • National security
  • Good/great pay — Low supply and high technical demand

IEEE members will secure the following benefits from these webinars:

  • Understand risk management standards, practices, concepts, and tools.
  • Learn about current and emerging career opportunities in cyber security, power grid, controls and other areas.
  • Enhance career options by discussing emerging career opportunities with risk and CIP experts.

See complete details of webinar topics and schedule.

Risk Management Resources

  • - Find information on jobs, careers and work in this time of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). Read articles and resources to help you manage your career and negotiate the new careerscape in this time of VUCA. Also, here you will find articles and resources regarding Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) which is the basis for dealing with VUCA.

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Updated:  22 November 2011
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