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Webinar Series: Lessons from Bootstrap to Billions
Presenter: Dr. Dileep Rao

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About the Series

Dr. Dileep Rao, author of Bootstrap to Billions, will lead a series of IEEE-USA webinars for future and seasoned entrepreneurs. The webinars will be based on his book, which illustrates how, contrary to currently popular belief, entrepreneurs can bootstrap to success. Bootstrap to Billions shows entrepreneurs and managers how business giants used alternate financing options to grow. Most of them about 80 percent never got venture capital. These entrepreneurs found their best market; designed the right strategy; developed the organization culture and leadership; and reached the top with capital-efficient strategies that minimized the need for capital. Lack of money did not constrain their growth. Many entrepreneurs may be better off using alternate financing to build and control their business, and to create wealth and keep it.

16 September 2010, 2-3 PM EDT

After the Financing: Better Decisions & Control

About the Speaker

Dileep Rao, financier, columnist, adjunct professor and workshop leader, has partnered with the IEEE-USA Entrepreneurial Activities Committee to conduct a series of webinars for you. Dr. Rao financed more than 450 businesses and real estate projects as the vice-president of a venture development financial institution.

Currently, Rao is an advisor to governments, Fortune 1000 corporations, development financial institutions and entrepreneurs on business development and financing. He also teaches New Business Development & Financing in MBA and Executive MBA programs in the United States, Europe and Asia, and has been selected as Outstanding MBA Teacher at the Carlson School of Management located at the University of Minnesota. Rao is an entrepreneurial finance columnist for, and has written such acclaimed books as Handbook of Business Finance & Capital Sources and Business Financing: 25 Keys to Raising Money. He also holds two engineering degrees and a Ph.D. in Business Administration.

Registration Fees

Registration for individual webinars is $69 each for IEEE members ($99 for non-members), or you can register for all five webinars for the discounted member fee of $99 ($195 for non-members). As part of your registration fee, you will receive a copy of Dr. Rao's workbook, Lessons from Bootstrap to Billions. You will need the workbook during the webinar, as Dr. Rao has indicated that he will refer to items in it during these sessions. After the webinar, you will also receive a copy of his presentation.

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Updated:  06 October 2010
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