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Project Management Webinar
03 June 2008
Overview The Project Management Webinar is designed for engineers, technical leads, project leaders and functional managers who want to practice the fundamentals of project management to help themselves and groups they represent. Participants will learn basic project management techniques and how to apply them, whether at work, within the IEEE, at home or in the community.

Download Webinar Materials (zipped file |227 KB)


1. Introduction to Project Management
2. Starting and Planning a Project
3. Managing the Project
4. Running Meetings
5. Closing the Project

About the Presenter Dr. Tarek T. Lahdhiri, P.E., is the lab manager for the Advanced Development and Validation Group, Global Systems Engineering Department, at General Motors Corporation in Warren, Michigan. He is a licensed professional engineer.

Dr. Lahdhiri has been an active IEEE volunteer leader for more than 12 years. He is the Region 4 membership development chair; a member of the IEEE-USA Employment & Career Service Committee; and co-chair of the IEEE-USA Career and Workforce Policy Committee.

All participants will receive a free e-book after the Webinar.

Contact: Dr. Lahdhiri

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