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IEEE-USA Professional Guideline Series

The IEEE-USA Professional Guideline Series is a collection of monographs on various non-technical subjects relating to the career, professional and public-policy interests of the IEEE's U.S. members. IEEE members can download any of the available titles free of charge. >> Download now

Available Titles

This series is published in Portable Display Format (PDF). The size of files is indicated as a guide to download times. >> Download now
Guidelines for Professional Employment: A Framework for Communication
These Guidelines can help employers and employees understand clearly and fully the conditions in the workplace of the current and coming years, and they can provide guidance toward behavior that will be beneficial to the country and the engineering profession. Regular discussion of these Guidelines among employers, managers, human resources personnel and engineers will provide a basis for enhancing their working relationships and will lead to good communication and cooperation in the workplace.
How to Communicate With Members of Congress
Because so few Members of Congress have science and engineering backgrounds, engineers can provide critical insights on complex technological issues to legislative decision makers on Capitol Hill. This brochure covers who to communicate with, the various mediums available, and offers some tips for more making communications more effective. (May 2002) (284Kb PDF)
Ten Tax-Favored Ways to Save for Retirement helps IEEE members prepare for a more financially secure retirement by comparing seven employer-sponsored and three individual retirement savings plans. Also covered are important new features of workplace plans and IRAs established in the Economic Growth and Tax Reconciliation Act of 2001. (July 2001) (386Kb PDF)
Intellectual Property and the Employee Engineer will familiarize IEEE members, employed in design, research or other capacities that require creativity and technical competence, with the intellectual property issues surrounding their work, and the career implications for creative and inventive individuals. (August 2001) (174Kb PDF)

Last Update:  01 November 2010
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