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Global Employment Services

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IEEE-USA’s award-winning employment services are now available to IEEE members outside of the United States. We invite non-U.S. jobseekers, employers and IEEE Regions and Sections to take full advantage of our expanding outreach worldwide. To find out how, see the information and links below.



According to a Nikkei Electronics Asia reader poll published in October 1999, the IEEE-USA Employment Services Web site was "the most popular job-based site visited in the past 12 months" for its respondents, who are engineers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore.  Following are the results of the scientific survey.  Percentage of readers who visited job sites within the previous 12 months:

IEEE-USA 17.8%
Techweb 12.5% 6.6% 5.9%
EE Times 'Career Corner' 5.3%
Career Mosaic 2.0%
Monster Board 0.7%
Others 16.4%
None 48.7%

arrow3d2.gif (914 bytes)  For Non-U.S. Jobseekers

Try these valuable and free services designed to help you advance in your career – no matter where you’re located:

IEEE-USA Job Listing Service
IEEE-USA’s job board contains a special section of employment opportunities outside the United States. Just check the appropriate box on the search form.

IEEE-USA Resume Referral Service
When you incorporate your resume into our database, it is searchable by employers both inside and outside of the United States who are looking for qualified IEEE members in your country. The registration process is simple and free for IEEE members worldwide.

Consultants On-Line Directory
By providing your professional information using an easy Web submission form, you can make your consulting services available to potential clients all over the world.  The modest annual fee is payable in U.S. dollars only.

Other Information:
Be sure to see other helpful employment-related links on our page for U.S. members seeking employment in other countries and our Employment Services page.

arrow3d2.gif (914 bytes)   For Non-U.S. Employers

Employers outside the United States now have full access to post job listings in IEEE-USA’s job board and review engineering resumes in IEEE-USA's resume database. In addition, our Consultants On-Line Directory [link] is free to potential clients anywhere in the world.   Please note the following special instructions:

IEEE-USA Job Listing Service

  • On the job-list form, check "yes" on question 2: "Is this job outside the United States?"
  • Payment is in U.S. Dollars only.

IEEE-USA Resume Referral Service

  • Contact Resume-Link’s Dave Meagher at 1-614-923-0600, ext. 329, or to learn more about how to find qualified IEEE members from your own country or worldwide for your openings.
  • Payment in U.S. Dollars only.

arrow3d2.gif (914 bytes)   For Non-U.S. IEEE Regions and Sections

IEEE entities in Regions 7-10 can help their memberships gain a competitive edge in their careers by promoting IEEE-USA’s employment services for non-U.S. members. To get more information on how to publicize these services through your publications, Web site and meetings, please contact Chris Currie of IEEE-USA Member Services at of 1-202-785-0017, extension 342.

arrow3d2.gif (914 bytes)  For U.S. Members Seeking Employment in Other Countries

The global market-place for goods and services (including engineering services) is becoming increasingly competitive, with more opportunities for engineers to travel and work abroad. To help IEEE's U.S. members access these global opportunities, IEEE-USA has assembled links to various on-line information resources and services, including sites specializing in international job listings.


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