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2015 Annual Meeting & Great Lakes Biomedical Conference

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2015 IEEE-USA Annual Meeting &
36th Great Lakes Biomedical Conference

14-17 May 2015

Photo Courtesy of VisitMilwaukee

Milwaukee Hilton City Center
509 West Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI, USA

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The 2015 IEEE-USA Annual Meeting was held 14-17 May 2015 in conjunction with the 36th IEEE Great Lakes Biomedical Conference which was held 14-15 May.

Sponsored by IEEE-USA and hosted by the IEEE Milwaukee Section and IEEE Region 4, The Annual Meeting continues a strong tradition of offering the latest IEEE tools, policies, procedures, and other assets designed for both members and IEEE-USA's volunteer network. Attendees learned how to maximize their membership and their role in strengthening your IEEE community.


The Annual meeting opened with a reception on Thursday, 14 May and ran from Friday morning through Sunday morning. Sessions included:

  • Basic volunteer training
  • Interactive workshops honing leadership skills
  • Opportunities for networking and exchange of best practices
  • Exhibits on the latest IEEE products and services
  • The IEEE-USA awards ceremony recognizing the best of our U.S. engineers

The theme for the 36th Great Lakes Biomedical Conference was "Biomedical Applications of Additive Manufacturing." From prototype design to assistance with presurgical planning, additive manufacturing (or 3-D printing) has emerged as a tool in many areas of healthcare technology. This conference provided technical presentations on Day 1, followed by a series of invited presentations on day 2 to discuss the future of this field. In addition to industrial and academic professionals involved in the additive manufacturing field, the conference also provided a setting for undergraduate student presentations and networking opportunities for students and professionals.


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