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Annual Meeting Video

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2011 Keynote & Speaker Video Recaps

James W. Kennedy
Former Director
John F. Kennedy Space Center

Thursday, 3 March - VIDEO

IEEE President Candidates Forum
Moderator: Ron Jensen, IEEE-USA President

Roger D. Pollard, IEEE President-Elect Candidate
Peter Staecker, IEEE President-Elect Candidate

Thursday, 3 March - VIDEO

Karl Rábago
Vice President, Austin Energy

Friday, 4 March - VIDEO

Robert Hebner
University of Texas at Austin
"Pecan Street Project: Implications of Electric Charging"

Friday, 4 March - VIDEO

Don Shafer
"Taking Responsibility for Technology"

Saturday, 5 March - VIDEO

Rick Stephens
Senior Vice President,
Human Resources and Administration
The Boeing Company
"Sustaining U.S. Competitiveness and Innovation”

Friday, 4 March - VIDEO

IEEE-USA Candidates Forum
Moderator: Peggy Hutcheson, CEO, The Odyssey Group
& Co-Chair IEEE-USA Innovation Institute

President-Elect Candidates
Marc Apter, IEEE-USA President Elect-Candidate
Nita Patel, IEEE-USA President Elect-Candidate

Member at Large Candidates
Dennis Ray, IEEE-USA Member at Large Candidate
Tom Tierney, IEEE-USA Member at Large Candidate

Saturday, 5 March - VIDEO

Awards Ceremony

Saturday, 5 March - VIDEO

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