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More About AICNCC

IEEE-USA supports the career interests of self-employed IEEE members in the United States through the Alliance of IEEE Consultants' Networks Coordinating Committee (AICNCC). AICNCC helps local IEEE-USA Consultants' Networks coordinate their activities and provides services to individual consultants in areas lacking sufficient members to start a local network. AICNCC's objectives include fostering the growth of Consultants' Networks in the United States, encouraging consultants to join existing networks or form new ones, promoting the use of independent technical and engineering consultants by industry and business, and providing educational activities for self-employed members. This work is accomplished in part by maintaining a Electrotechnology and Information-Technology Consultants Directory and by co-sponsoring regular National Consultants' Workshops.

For more information on IEEE-USA's Consultant Services, the Alliance of IEEE Consultants' Networks Coordinating Committee, or how to start your own local IEEE Consultants' Network, contact:

Daryll Griffin
2001 L Street, NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036-5104
(Office) 202/530-8337
(Fax) 202/785-0835







Updated:  26 October 2010
Contact: Daryll Griffin,


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