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Where Your $38 U.S. IEEE Assessment Goes

U.S. IEEE higher grade members residing in Regions 1-6 pay a restricted assessment of $38* in addition to basic IEEE dues to support IEEE-USA's professional programs and activities.  This assessment generates approximately 95% of IEEE-USA's FY 2010 operating budget of $5.4 million, which is allocated as follows:

Note: Dollar totals are expressed in thousands (i.e. $000K)

Career & Member Services: IEEE-USA’s Career and Member Services offer a broad array of programs, products and services designed to equip U.S. IEEE members with the tools they need to build and maintain robust electrotechnology careers.  These products and services are captured at IEEE-USA's CareerNavigator, and include:

IEEE-USA's Employment and Careers Forum also provides a virtual watercooler where U.S. IEEE members can network, sharing advice and information on career-related issues.

A variety of new tools and services are also under development, including on-line professional development training tools on such subjects as productive teams, coaching in the workplace, and navigating career transitions.

IEEE-USA's Career and Member Services are supported through the Alliance of IEEE Consultants Networks Coordinating Committee, Awards & Recognitions, the Employment and Career Services Committee, the Precollege Education Committee and the Licensure & Registration Committee.

Professional Activities:  Through the PACE Network, IEEE-USA supports professional activities in sections and numerous chapters throughout the United States. Key programs include:

  • PACE Network targets funding to promote professional activities in U.S. IEEE regions, sections, student branches, and technical divisions and chapters

  • The IEEE-USA Annual Meeting providing training for local leaders to conduct professional programs

  • Student and Member Professional Awareness Conferences (S-PACs and M-PACs)

  • Coordination of state government affairs activities at the regional level

Government Relations: Through its Government Relations programs and activities, IEEE-USA seeks to advance the public good by providing timely information to policy-makers on a wide range of complex technical issues ranging from communications and information policy to research and development, energy and intellectual property protection. IEEE-USA's Government Relations programs also serve to give U.S. IEEE members a voice in Washington on issues affecting engineers, their careers and the engineering profession. In addition, it provides the IEEE's U.S. members with news and information on public policy issues, an understanding of how the U.S. government works, and the roles engineers can play in influencing public policy. 

IEEE-USA seeks to educate policy-makers and engages in direct advocacy on policy issues by developing position statements; sponsoring congressional briefings; communicating with policy decision-makers; convening policy-related symposia, conferences, and workshops; and providing expert testimony before congressional committees.  IEEE-USA is also expanding its grassroots programs to support U.S. IEEE members' direct participation in government relations by encouraging use of IEEE-USA's legislative action center, and enrollment in our CARE Network.

IEEE-USA offers two unique programs to help educate selected members about Congress, the executive branch and the policy-making process through direct involvement. IEEE-USA's Government Fellowships program places three U.S. IEEE members in one-year Fellowships with Congress or the State Department.  The Washington Internships for Students of Engineering (WISE) exposes U.S. IEEE student members to Washington decision-makers and policy issues during a ten-week summer session.

Hundreds of knowledgeable volunteers support IEEE-USA's government relations program by serving on the following committees:

Communications/Public Relations: IEEE-USA communicates regularly with the IEEE's U.S. members and the public-at-large on topical issues and new and existing products and services. IEEE-USA’s core member communications vehicles are the quarterly IEEE-USA In Action e-newsletter, the monthly IEEE-USA Today’s Engineer webzine; and IEEE-USA TE Email Update, ta monthly e-mail alert sent to every U.S. IEEE member. IEEE-USA communicates its policy positions and activities to the general public through news releases, advertising campaigns, media relations, presentation materials, product booklets and brochures, and marketing campaigns. Further, IEEE-USA promotes engineering awareness and technology literacy through participation in programs such as the AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellowships Program.

Memberships: IEEE-USA is a member of the American Association of Engineering Societies (AAES), a coalition of engineering societies that engages in a variety of government relations, public awareness and international activities, as well as collecting data on the engineering profession (through AAES' Engineers Workforce Commission) and the Junior Engineering Technology Society (JETS), which promotes K-12 technical literacy and awareness of engineering as a career option.

General Services:  This category encompasses the non-infrastructure expenses involved with running an IEEE board-level entity, including Board meetings and associated volunteer travel expenses, information technology, product marketing, and related services.  IEEE-USA reimburses the IEEE for Institute services (e.g., IT, human resources, meeting planning, mailroom, warehouse, customer service, and elections).

Facilities and Overhead: These costs are related to maintaining IEEE's Washington office, including support services, office supplies, equipment rental, and office maintenance and repairs.

* In addition to the $38 U.S. assessment allocated for support of IEEE-USA, assessments are also imposed by IEEE to support IEEE Educational Activities Board's participation in the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, and for support of the IEEE Regions.


Updated: 29 July, 2010
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